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[ad_1] Louis Vuitton are one of the most desirable and respected fashion designers in the world. Their products, such as the Louis Vuitton Batignolles Vertical and Horizontal handbags retail for over $750 and are in very high demand throughout the world, with stock sometimes difficult to find. Official Louis Vuitton retail outlets are without doubt the best places to buy. You are guaranteed a brand new and genuine Louis Vuitton handbag, with the after sales back up to match the exemplary pre-sales service you can expect to receive from one of retail’s most respected brands. With such expensive consumer items, […]

[ad_1] When it comes to handbags is it better to fake it; or save up until you don’t have to! All women have their own thing, whether its shoes, clothes, jewellery or like me; handbags. If you are a handbag girl you will gush when it comes to describing your must have bag, mentioning colour, shape and style but at the top of the list will be the designer. Whether it’s the much coveted Hermes Birkin which can set you back up to 9000.00 or the Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap bag costing anything from 1700.00 us girls what one. My […]

[ad_1] So you’ve wanted to get yourself that Louis Vuitton bag but are not sure if you really ought to? I know, they don’t come cheap and you want to make sure that your money is well spent. Well, I’ll walk you through why you must get yourself a Vuitton – it’s an investment of a lifetime. Here we go: 1. In bag world, nothing beats Vuitton when it comes to quality. There are many other great designers out there who make great quality bags, but Vuitton is top of the range. And has been for decades. 2. Vuitton bags […]

[ad_1] Louis Vuitton bags don’t come very cheap. At least, they are not the cheapest of handbags. Yet thousands, if not millions of women continue to purchase the Louis Vuitton bags – seemingly oblivious of their price; and of the fact that there are a number of other apparently cheaper handbag brands out there. So why do bags cost what they do – and what value do they offer for money, so as to make people to continue purchasing them, rather the numerous other ‘cheaper’ handbag brands? One reason why Louis Vuitton bags cost what they do has to be […]

[ad_1] What to wear to a job interview can be a complicated decision. You want to make a great first impression at the interview and you have painstakingly planned what to wear. Problem is, mother nature didn’t get the memo that your perfect job interview outfit did not take into consideration a rainy day. So what do you do? Well, you still want to show up dressed for a job interview, looking sharp and ready for success. Even though the interviewers may not remember what you are wearing, they should remember that your appearance was polished and professional. In the […]

[ad_1] A canvas army bag is one of the most useful carryalls you will ever own. This is because of their easy care, strength and many uses. This article shares the 3 great reasons you will never regret buying a canvas army bag. Canvas Army Bag 1. Durability. Canvas is a fabric known for being rugged and sturdy. This is the material you will see used in army duffles and other military carryalls and items and this is partly due to the fact that canvas will hold up to heavy demands. If it is strong enough for the military, chances […]

[ad_1] Stingray leather is a very strong. It is much stronger than cow leather because of its physical composition. With cow and other types of leathers, the underlying fibers tend to run in a parallel direction to each other, while in stingray leather, the fibers are random and most often criss crossing each other, forming a much tighter bond between the fibers. While some leathers are easily torn, stingray leather is not, due to this cross hatch arrangement of the fibers. Additionally stingray leather has those famous little bumps that are actually calcium scales that were a protection for the […]

[ad_1] Hopefully you’re reading this before your leather bags, shoes, or garments have gotten wet. However, if you’ve met with the unfortunate situation of holding a wet item in your hands and wondering what to do, this article will give you some quick ideas to remedy the situation. In the event that your item is stored somewhere in your home and it got wet without you knowing it, you won’t be able to miss the smell of wet leather…wet animal-smelling leather. Or, if you’ve ever worn a leather item in the rain, you know too well that the smell, combined […]

[ad_1] There are many options available when shopping for a pedometer and picking out the best one can be difficult. Let’s take a look at different types of pedometers and what you need to look for when shopping for one. There are two main types of pedometers: hip or pocket. Most of the cheaper models will be hip pedometers. These models must be worn in the hip area, either clipped to a pocket or waistband. They are not accurate in any other position. Pocket pedometers can definitely be carried in your pocket, as suggested by the name. Many of these […]

[ad_1]  A good marketing campaign is loaded with free products, such as promotional giveaways. As you choose an item for promotion, it’s important that you consider several aspects of what makes a good branding tool. You need to consider things like: · Effectiveness – Promotion is about making sure people see your business. · Use – Branded items need to be in use by the person that receives them. · Implications – Trade show and customized items need to speak highly of your business. It’s important you find an item that meets all three; otherwise you may not get the […]