[ad_1] Now, when it comes to perfumes, you can find a choice between solid, liquid and oil-based fragrances. Solid perfume balms are now trendy in the market. These aromas are in fashion now and have caught the fancy of modern generation. If you are feeling burned out or feeling exhausted in a sunny summer afternoon, then get ready to wear some amazing fragrances. How to use Aromatic salves are the solid perfumes which ooze out amazing fragrances when they are gently massaged into your body. These aromas are mainly rubbed into the pulses of your body, like the elbow and […]

[ad_1] In 1882, Joan and Bill Martin began Brahmin Leather Works which was a small entrepreneurial enterprise in Massachusetts. The company began in their home where they were to create handbags that would capture the imagination of high society women in Massachusetts. The term Brahmin originally comes from the caste system of India where the elite class, the highest caste, were called Brahmins. The term also means learned one, and denotes one of the highest societies of the Indian caste system of the 1800’s. In Boston, the socialites of those days who were of high standing were called Boston Brahmins. […]

[ad_1] Washington DC style is conservatively trendy. I grew up in Washington and the style of natives is quintessential North East trad/prep chic. Hardly any girlfriends of mine even knew how to put make-up on senior year of high school. The style was very much an easy breezy natural Americana. DC’s general culture is heavily influenced by the professional character of the city, many people’s being employed in staid jobs as attorneys, federal office workers, and other supporting industries which call for an austerity to workplace fashion. Nonetheless the DC yuppie, due to her age still longs to express herself […]