Wholesale Handbags and Purses

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Women share a common interest and weakness – handbags and purses. A woman cannot have too many bags, shoes, and purses and the multitude of magazine spreads showcasing these items only prove it. Why not take this interest into something that will generate extra income?

Wholesale handbags and purses are a great investment. Today, starting an online retail business is easy and just requires you to get items from reputable wholesale dealers. For as few as five pieces, you can now buy wholesale handbags and purses and sell them on retail on a web based store or a brick and mortar store at your local city.

Imagine the potential income from selling bags and shirts online. A typical wholesale unit requirement is 5 pieces. With bags ranging from as cheap as $1.99, online retail shop owners can sell these bags for as much as double its original price. There are many designs, sizes, and colors of wholesale handbags and purses to choose from. Carry-on handbags are one of the most popular and come in varied colors and styles.

For starters, you can choose five to ten bag designs and sell them on sites such as eBay.com or Wix.com. A bag you bought for $1.99 can easily be sold for $10 and the profit is definitely not bad. Once your business begins to expand, you can start ordering more wholesale bags and purses and mark up the prices. Watch how your small online retail store grow into something bigger in a matter of months. You can also resell these items to other merchandise stores and mark up the price. The possibilities are endless and the income potential is promising. Use the right marketing strategies to accomplish your goals.

Dresses and shirts are also great items to sell. Wholesale shirts can be bought for as little as $6 per piece and can be easily sold for as much as twice its original price. Choose a wholesaler who offers fresh designs, quality materials, and fashion forward items so you can easily market your goods and see fast movement of your stocks. Also, utilize free shipping promos offered by some wholesalers. Generous wholesalers even give monthly bonuses and perks. They can also give you fantastic discounts when you order regularly. This saves you overhead cost and you get more for paying less.

When ordering online for wholesale shirts, consider getting pieces in different sizes. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a shirt you like that does not carry your size. A clothes retailer should always offer options to customers. Over time, you can carry more selections in your online business and cater to a wider market.

The right marketing strategy can help you earn as much as you want. Remember that you should work on web visibility so buyers can find you, or choose to sell on sites such eBay, Multiply.com, etc. Maintain excellent customer service so people will come back to your store.

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